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Architectural Photography Services

Check out the variety of packages we provide for Home Still Photography. If you do not see one that suits you, contact us so we can create it for you.

Tips For Home Preparation
To prepare the home for shooting, please ensure compliance with the following preparatory guidelines:
- Remove all vehicles from driveway and do not park directly in front of home.
- Move garbage cans out of sight.
- Remove all garden tools, and mow and rake yard.
- Sweep driveways, sidewalks and patios.
- Clear counter tops in kitchen and bathroom areas.
- Remove photos, notes, and paper from refrigerator.
- Turn on all interior lights.
- Turn ceiling fans off.
- Remove clutter from rooms that may be excessively furnished and/or decorated.
- Make all beds and tidy bedrooms. - Remove piles of newspapers and magazines.
- Keep pets contained and out of sight.
NOTE: We will shoot the home as it is found. Blinds and doors may be opened or closed for composition purposes, but no other staging or moving of objects will be done.

If there are any special features of the home that are not readily apparent, please notify the photographer so that they may be included.

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